Akuffo-Addo’s figures on test per a million population is inaccurate – AFP


Following claims by Ghana’s President, Nana Akuffo, that the country has conducted more tests per million people than any African country, AFP (The French News Agency) has claimed such comments as inaccurate or false. Per comparisons drawn by the news agency, they are of the view that Ghana is behind South Africa and two other countries in test per million data.

In a state address on measures drawn by the country to control the spread of the global pandemic, dated 10th May 2020, the President claimed that Ghana had administered more tests per million people than any other African country. He further indicated that the World Health Organization has on this direction reached out to the country to share its sample pooling experience with other African states so that they can improve on their testing pools.

In the same address, the President urged his populates to disregard any claim by politicians alleging inaccuracy of the COVID-19 figures of the country – referring to complaints from opposition politicians as “comments extended for their political survival”. Ghana’s achievement in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic has received recognition across local and international news platforms. As of 10th May 2020, when the President addressed the country, the positive cases of the country stood at 4,263. Again, the country’s test per a million people stood at 5,300 as of 10th May 2020.

Per indications and findings of the French News Agency as of 10th May 2020, South Africa had recorded 341,336 tests, Botswana had recorded 9,450 tests. Nigeria had recorded 27,078 tests, Mauritius had recorded 73,572 tests, and Djibouti had recorded 15,304 tests. Test per a million population figures as at same date stood at, Mauritius (57,931 tests), Djibouti (15,713), South Africa (5,808), Botswana (4,079), and Nigeria (135).

In comparison, per the data given above, the news agency finds South Africa, Mauritius and Djibouti to have higher tests per a million population to Ghana’s 5,300 as at 10th May 2020. The French News Agency claims it has contacted the President of Ghana for comment on the development but is yet to receive any response in this regard.

The breakdown of data released by the French News Agency is as below:


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