“If you desire to be an effective leader, you need to take responsibility for conforming your leadership style to what your people need, not expecting them to adapt to you.”- John Maxwell

Leadership is complex- even in its application. And one of leadership complexity has to do with the people that are being led.

Every human being has varied experiences together with their inborn nature that shapes and forms the personality of each one of us. As a result, our reactions to each event may differ due to the differences in personality. Hence, what may trigger excitement in one person may not necessarily do so for another human being.

Due to the differences in personalities and experiences, leaders will need to adapt their leadership style to the various personalities and nature of their teams and people.

A lot of times, we see leaders who do not fully understand this principle lead their teams and people astray because they led everyone on the team the same way. This oftentimes leads to a lower productivity in one’s leadership style.

Conversely, leaders who understand this principle of leadership and do apply them do lead their people effectively.

Everyone responds in different ways, hence, it is essential that leaders also lead their teams and people differently.

Leading each individual on the team differently is a sure sign of effective leadership.

In a leadership setting for example, one team member will respond well by constantly reminding her of the responsibilities that are ahead of her while another will just need to be informed once to get through with that very responsibility. Likewise, one person on the team may respond well to challenges, while another will only need to be nurtured.

To be an effective leader, you will need to take up the initiative of adapting your leadership style to the needs, personalities and nature of your people rather than expecting them to adapt to you.



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