“True leadership is not position centered. True leadership is based on the foundation of one life serving another.”- Francis Abbah

Leadership in itself is complex. However, there are foundational truths that run in all leadership models deployed by great leaders. These foundational truths are what make leadership what it is. These foundational truths are what form the basis of all great leadership. These foundational truths are what glues the components of leadership in an intact form. And one of the foundational truths in leadership is leadership service.

We become leaders to serve. And we become leaders to serve our teams, nations, organizations and groups with our talents, gifts, and potential in order to better and add value to those very entities and the people under our care. The great leaders possess a servant attitude amidst the very positions they hold. They know how to serve their people and they serve them well.

There are some leaders in this modern era who believe leadership is solely positional. However, true leadership is not position centered. True leadership in itself is based on the foundation of one life serving another.

Leaders who understand this very principle of leadership and do live by them do good to their people and the very entities they lead. In addition, there are several benefits to leaders serving their people genuinely rather than manipulating them.

Leaders who have made it a habit to serving their people yield the greatest returns from their people.

Literally no one will genuinely want to be under a manipulative leader. Everyone desires to be under a leader who loves and cares for them even as these leaders add value to them through the service they render to their people.

To be a great leader, one of the basic principles that need to be mastered is leadership service. An understanding that all great leaders are service oriented will yield more desire for one to becoming a servant leader.



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