“The strength of a team is impacted by its weakest link.”- John Maxwell

Nothing of great significance has ever been achieved alone. Anything worthwhile and great in life will require the collaboration and efforts of other people.

Leaders who lead effectively recognize their need for others in the realization of the worthwhile vision and dreams they carry. And for that to get accomplished effectively there will always be a need for a team of people.

Having the right people on board definitely becomes the first step. However, to measure the effectiveness and strength of the team, a leader will need to look at the weakest link among his or her teammates.

An understanding of the principle that the strength of a team will always correspond to its weakest link will allow a leader to become prudent and strategic about the very people he or she brings on board to help fulfill the vision and goals for their entities.

After selecting the right people to come on board based on this very principle, a leader can then go on to constantly develop his or her teammates for them to be very equipped in the accomplishment of the vision and goals of their respective entities.

Getting the right people on board and developing them is so important because, if the wrong choice is made, it can break the team and the entity will definitely not be able to attain its vision. However, when the right choice is made pertaining whom to bring on board and developing those very people, the goals and vision of the entities will ultimately be achieved as a result of the kind of people in the team.

Leaders who lead effectively and attain much in life are surrounded by good people who take heart in helping them fulfill the vision and goals they carry for their entities.

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