Watch Your Tongue Campaign hits the streets with peace message


The vigorous team of Watch Your Tongue Campaigners led by Officer Kwasi Ofori-Appiah has taken their peaceful campaign to another level.

The campaign dubbed “Help Maintain Ghana Peace” is now on the streets sensitizing drivers, passengers, pedestrians and other road users to be wary of their Utterances, Actions and Writings in their daily activities especially as we approach 2020 general elections.

They said a lot of people are very busy during the day and may not have access to radio, Television and even social media for information, hence their decision to create awareness in traffic.

The first phase took place at Kanenshie first light on the 28th July 2020 and many were impacted to the message and the second phase took place at Madina Zongo junction on the 4th August, 2020 during rush hours between 4-6pm.

They have the zeal to continue this traffic awareness and others form of programs to help maintain Ghana Peace.

They took opportunity to share some stickers, and other written documents for people to understand the concepts of Think right, Speak, Act Right and Write Right.


By: Kojo Kinn


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